Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Crow Wars

The crow wars

As of today (16/05/06) at 18:35 a state of war has been declared between me (me) and the three crows that live somewhere around here over in the trees. These pesky black bullies have for the last three days eaten all the fat balls and knocked down the feeder arm thus denying the little birds essential food. I was prepared to put up with this until this evening. Today (not sure of the exact time) in a final and brutal act of unprovoked hostility they knocked down and broke the wee bird’s feeder thingy.

I am currently trying to fix the damaged feeder.
I am seeking approval from the UN for further action. The use of “scarecrows” has been considered and rejected on the grounds that these crows are too clever. We call upon all peace loving starlings, tits, finches, woodpeckers, sparrows and blackbirds to join us, (not sure where the jackdaws stand on things at this point).

Impossible songs v American Idol Underground

Click to vote for us in this weird American on-line contest and we may win something and we will thank you. The song is “She’s a waitress” from Heartburst, features Ali on vocal and Siggi Richter on piano

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These fine looking stringy links promise to take you away to the noisy, strummy, drummy, hi-fi, lo-fi, singy songy world of iTunes and in particular to places where you can hear and buy our music.impossible songs: scapes

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