Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Person of the year

The magnificant Donald in full flight, not a hair out of place.

That has to be Donald Trump, God bless him and I hope he paves over a large chunk of the Aberdeenshire coast, builds hotels and villas, (pointless) golf courses for the pointless game of golf and generally invests some much needed cash into the North Eastern infrastructure. If it wasn't for people like him we'd all be sitting on dry-stane dykes in ragged trousers with pieces of straw dangling from the corner of our mouths. The pathetic, winging environmentalists need to wake up and smell the overpriced milky latte that will be pulsating through the vibrant coffee machines he'll set up in every bar, cafe and restaurant along the gleaming new AB-dab coastline - and all parking will be echelon style. Yahoo!

2008 then:

My old mum died at the age of 85 after a short illness.

My fourth grandchild, the lovely Imogen was born.

The family grew and grew (grandchildren's birthdays are great), some lost teeth and curly hair but they all like staying with us.

We has a cracking holiday in the Algarve and ate lots of sardines.

Emma's big birthday was celebrated with the best party of the year.

Mr Cougar joined our fleet of utility vehicles.

We went to New York and did everything.

Paul became Dr Paul.

We played at Perthshire Amber.

The garden was extensively remodelled and improved.

The kittens became cats but Syrus did not return from his extended wander.

I left OOTB after five years of involvement.

The credit crunch happened and still is - thank you GB.

People split up, grew apart and some came together.

Met up with and old friend I hadn't seen since 1977.

Erin and Guy moved into the best ever flat in Aberdeen.

I kept my head above water at work and a step nearer retiral.

Built three decent bonfires and set off a few fireworks.

Supported faithfully at various large and small football matches.

I flew on 36 different flights to get here.

Ali had a whirlwind trip to Oz and the far east.

Various health scares and traumas were dealt with successfully.

The Holyrood muddle may yet get us a new Forth crossing.

Recorded and mixed a few tracks, had ideas and have plenty more on the go.

Discovered BOFFER.

Ended up with £45.50 in my TSB current account.

Stuck with Facebook (and the rest of the on-line gibberish) despite my healthy dislike of it.

Cooked a full Christmas dinner (almost).

Blogged the usual load of tosh and almost got away with it.

The Fleet Foxes: easily the best band of the year, let's hope they don't die from over exposure now that they've made the Radio 2 playlists.

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  1. I can think of no better compliment than to say "I wish I lived in your house" - obviously with you and Ali etc not me there and you lot turfed out!!

    Happy New Year guys

    Lots of Love