Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My favourite kilt

 Huffington Post 

Vampire woman takes tattoo expo by storm 
2 hours ago as you might expect.

The third day of a dismal winter cold that has laid me as low as the couch, I've been stuck there for about an hour, thinking creative and hydrogen filled thoughts that soar up to the ceiling and then spontaneously combust never to be heard of again. At least they were here for a short time. In my more lucid moments I've concocted soup mixtures, driven in the dark, been massaged by cats and managed to get to work. The over arching feeling being that I'm on a long and painful journey into the weekend that I might never quite complete. I always knew I didn't much care for February but I was never sure why, I think now it's because it seems the optimum month for any active germs to attack me and me alone, but now I must move away from these debilitating thoughts and  iron my favourite kilt.

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