Monday, October 21, 2013


Unspectacular but honest images from my 58th birthday weekend. The empty bottles are a natural result of a busy and entertaining family gathering and the taking of copious amounts of good food and wine; all birthday essentials. The guitar picks are made up from a handy plectrum making tool gift, I need never purchase or steal another plectrum again. All I do is form them up from any discarded plastic item or bank card and away I go. After a few glasses of Monday evening wine I'm now reflecting on my many fine presents, my friends and family  and my general undeserved state of happiness and fifty eight years of chronic and ongoing wellbeing.  This'll and that'll do me.


  1. Happy Birthday

    Jeez - 8 years already since this...

    1. Indeed, times moves on in defiance of all our well made plans ;-)