Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Feet don't fail me now

The relentless march of relentless marching.
I am bloody well angry at everyone today; INEOS, Unite, The Scottish Government, The UK Government, China and various big anonymous multinationals. These bastards either don't care who they screw, trample or exploit or (mainly the governments) are just plain stupid or inept and once again the breath of industrial death is blowing across the fragile economy of Central Scotland. The markets are the fickle kings and we cant even run a farmer's market never mind compete in a blood sucking global energy market. We are a speck on a dot on a pimple. Grangemouth no more, Linwood etc. etc. People prattle on about green and sustainable energy, give support to ugly and ineffective wind farms built in Spain and Korea, deny the value of coal and run scared of the big bad spectre of atomic power. But one day all the lights are going to go out, the cold, dull blue dawn will come upon us and the scientists, the technical experts and the skilled craftsmen will be dead and gone or flipping horse meat burgers in Paris. We get the government and leadership we deserve and unfortunately we currently have something almost worse than nothing. A sustainable Scotland without a properly engineered power strategy is a bad joke. Pointless windmills will flap and refuse to spark and tidal barriers will corrode and rust in the frozen sea. Cobwebs will grow on the power stations, stressed concrete walls and steel boilers they abandoned in favour or forty shades of sickly green - this is the start of the end, my beautiful friend. Who the feck then  is really worth voting for in the Dunfermline bi election tomorrow? Answers on a postcard please...

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