Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I vow to thee my chutney

Taking a food based perspective on today I suffered / enjoyed some odd things; Crunchie Nut Corn Flakes (ugh!), the mandatory "eat me I'm out of date" chocolates, a farm cafe haggis and cheese toastie with fresh coffee, pizza and two kinds of chutney (this really does work so don't try holding back), Halloween Eyeballs and a few glasses of red wine. Right now the red wine is easily the most powerful and significant influence on my day.

It could be New England in the Fall as the road goes ever on; after a morning spent idly observing animals on a Stirling farm we then retired to the home-base to warmly watch "The Hobbit" DVD and eat more random foods as the early winter rains descended. Now I'm tuckered out but terminally guilty over mistakenly locking a poor cat in the garage.

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