Sunday, October 13, 2013

Random universal change

Hundreds of early morning geese suffering from navigation type issues. 

Today I spent most of the morning instigating a small programme of universal change. By that I mean rearranging stones on the beach; moving them from the beach to the water, or somewhere below the high water mark. Rearranging this universe, even in small ways, skimming stones, picking up driftwood or kicking sand should be encouraged and funded. Perhaps the Government or the Lottery or Arts Scotland will give us some money to support it, then we can start up a web-site, hold meetings and conferences, become a pressure group and have a full time adim officer  and shit like that. Anyway my grandchildren and I have already made a start and I'm sure there are a few others out there already hard at it. Change Scotland: not by politics, religion or cultural reform but by moving things randomly when nobody is looking. I also drove there and back again to Aberdeen sound tracked by the mighty Dweezil Zappa, it made me wonder if, following my untimely demise (?) any of my kids would form a band and tour mine and Ali's  music...hmm.

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