Monday, October 14, 2013

The pain of repetition

Everything is a repeat of something else because as King Solomon famously said at least twice "there is nothing new under the sun", well not this current simple bi-polar solar system of ours anyway. So the tedious repetition of mistakes and recipes carries on beyond the vanishing point of lazy thoughts only to disappear over some familiar and grim horizon and onto the web. How many times must I mention the milk bomb before it gains the universal recognition it surely deserves? It's a moment of continual head banging agony against an unforgiving wall and without some tuneful heavy metal melody set in there to accompany the self deprecating pain. I'm left alone, vacant  and puzzled like some disappointed customer, indeed a quizzical customer of Build a Bear trying to offer up honest feedback about bear building onto their very teddy bearish website only to find that he can't quite  find the feedback page and so cannot every lay claim to the tantalising prospect of a $1000 reward and there's only five days left to make a claim before the valid claim period runs out. Time will crawl and then time will tell.

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