Friday, October 18, 2013

When you closed your eyes..

...tight when you were small you sometimes got this kind of thing popping up and onto the insides of your eyes. The dilemma  was always the same; do you keep your eyes closed and go with it, where ever it may take you, or do you open your eyes and concentrate again on that half read Enid Blyton book or go downstairs and watch Coronation Street on a 405 line, fuzzy black and white TV?  Those of us who stayed in the zone of the demon king, even for a short while were, as a result better placed for what our teenage years would lead us into. Satan rewards his own quite naturally. Those who went downstairs to watch the goggle box are...still watching it (in a fairly non-selective and disinterested way) and reading pulp fiction or glossy mags. So is it true or just another unfunded piece of blogging theory and pop culture muck spreading?  Of course it is neither thing. It's the product of an ambidextrous mind that's just had too much oily fish and milk bombs.

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