Saturday, January 04, 2014

In car selfie

Somewhere outside a branch of B&Q people are taking selfies from inside of their cars while sending texts and trying to remember quite what it is they are there for. A dark and steady rain is falling. Today's purchase was a new lock for the bathroom door. The previous locking system having capitulated in the the great and slightly drunken pre-New Year festivities late one night or early one morning. It was a long story that I may tell another day but thankfully the duvet has been renewed and some order restored.

Out on the river those panic merchants at SEPA are warning of imminent flood risks and secondary pestilence. It's all across the web, the modern media and the East Coast seeking out it's potential victims. We stepped out in our waterproofs into the mayhem and hysteria at 1630 to check the necessary levels. The sea was as calm as Galilee used to be, albeit the waters were lapping higher up towards the road and other people's houses. Comforted by the littered and milky waters and the viscous tidal patterns we retired for some leftover pasta engineering works and Saturday wine; always the best of the week after Friday.

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