Tuesday, June 14, 2016


A  consignment of wind farm blades and components chugs up the Firth from Estonia or maybe Latvia where engineering comes cheap and who cares...we can't compete anyway. It's smuggled here in plain sight while everybody's gawping at the new bridge or into their phones. This bargain basement recycled Chinese sourced tin and fibreglass will make a lasting contribution to Scotland's green and pleasant aspirations for renewable energy. Just not sure how long the actual hardware will last in our salty and poisoned environment but I'm sure that it's worth every Westminster pledged pocket money penny and it'll keep the statisticians and speech writers fuelled for a while because it's some kind of modern progress towards KPIs.  We're just not smart enough to know what direction we're headed in with it all. Ironic that these units sail past the now redundant dead eyed coal fired power station that once boiled all our kettles during the Coronation Street adverts or when Cathy Come Home became just too much. Now we're coming to rely upon warm air travelling across the Atlantic, the correct climatic conditions and cold air coming down with the MiGs and Badgers from the former USSR. 

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