Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Countdown to...

Only days to now thankfully as the messages get ever more mixed. I admire this little piece of graffiti and subversion, not that it'll make any difference. I've now reached the point in the process  (a point I probably reached in Thatcher's and then during Blair's regimes at various points) where nothing much is believable and those involved have lost all credibility. Whatever the outcome on Thursday it will take years for us to recover, if ever. We've (the UK) really fucked ourselves on this one.

Meanwhile in the real world of fantasy as opposed to the fantasy world that is real life, Game of Thrones delivered the most bone crushing, mother fixing, stupendous episode ever last night. "Battle of the Bastards" was an incredible mix of raw spectacle, CGI excellence and good old blood and snotters. Just about everything happened in what must be amongst the best bits of TV film making ever churned out. One of those episodes where you're just thinking FFS most of the time and then you're left stunned gawping on the couch afterwards as the dark and dismal credits silently roll. Next week I'll be in the US for the final episode, hoping for a great big HD television somewhere.

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