Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Great Purple Aliens

Non-Google photo.
Google altered photo.
These alien looking blooms have appeared in the garden (because they were planted in it some time ago), their exact name escapes me but they are attractive to bees, last a while and look pretty funky. For some reason we have seven of them.

The long running "paint the whole outside of the house" project is drawing to an end, just as the weather is about to break, (there's a Yellow Warning you know). It's taken place over the last couple of weeks and so far has gone pretty smoothly despite the use of ladders and working at height juggling paint pots, rollers and brushes. Mess has also been minimised due to using covers and sheets and regular sweeping. All in all it's worthy of an award (a cool beer at the end of each day perhaps) and some recognition (a photo on Instagram) at some point. Maybe once the putty is dried and the plant pots have returned to their rightful places I'll record the look for posterity. Anyway I'm off to build up the beetroot stocks, hoover some money around and thoughtlessly shop for groceries.

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