Monday, June 20, 2016

Hoovering a fly

One of my granddaughters kindly presented me with a temporary tattoo in a left handed Les Paul type of design. Fortunately it lasted a little less than 24 hours. Currently it has morphed into a sort of blue/black streak.
Despite their Matrix like ability to avoid being swatted, due to some "bullet time" kind of capability I think I may have discovered something that as yet they've not evolved to avoid. A Hoover. I noticed this during a routine blasting of dust around the window frames. When encountering the Hoover they don't seem to react in the same zig-zag way as they do when you're skelping them with a rolled up copy of Empire Magazine. In fact they don't react at all, they just get sucked up into the huge Dyson vortex as if it was a black hole. Of course it could be that it is, in the fly universe, a black hole and maybe once they go down it and enter it's churning heart...everything makes sense and true enlightenment comes to them and their lives blossom beyond anything in the normal imagination of a fly. Or maybe not.

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