Friday, June 17, 2016

Jo Cox and everything else

I'd never really heard of Jo Cox before yesterday. I just don't keep up with core political matters in enough detail to be familiar with most MP's comings and goings. Now her sad and tragic death is all over the news and it's hard to know quite what to think and make of it. A cruel and horrid personal loss for her family that cannot be recovered and that we will all now struggle to put somewhere into a thought vacuum either as a lesson, a reference or a warning. For me right now it's a warning. Feelings have been stoked up in the referendum debate, stupidly, needlessly and dangerously. Issues have become debased and exaggerated and there is little or no truth on which we, the ordinary voters can chew or decide upon. A toxic and incomprehensible soup has been created that we seem doomed to have to consume. The whole thing seems like a horrible mistake unless, like me, you see it as a callous act of mass manipulation to create some illusion of democracy whilst undermining it's principals at the same time via media, politicians and celebrity . Well I'm done with believing in anything, if you want to count me, count me out (but in Europe). Jo Cox RIP.

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