Friday, June 10, 2016

Lebowski Day

In the spirit of nothing in particular and because it's raining I've declared today to be an official Lebowski Day. Despite that I will allow my serial slow paced decluttering work and mind purity programme to carry on as I sort out my tools and trivia in preparation for my trip to some tropical and commercial Nirvana in a week or two. I've also promised myself not to drink until the Euros kick off later tonight (hopefully peacefully) so will survive on tea and milk bombs. In other Lebowski-like pursuits I will admire our rugs, move around the house slowly and think deeply whilst considering what peach to eat and how long to remain in the shower before getting out. I draw the line however at bowling matches, getting beat up and being pursued by gangs of nihilists.  I did break out briefly there to walk around the garden, in said rain hunting for a lost package, delivered apparently and then cunningly hidden where no man, beast or woman can find it. A hand written card with few simple instruction might have helped. Anyway back to dude land...

The slow paced day has allowed me to allow the glue on the sandals renegade strap to dry. I may well have executed an effective and theme park proof repair. I will report on progress in due course. 

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