Friday, June 24, 2016

Mystery fur flying episode

The good humoured bit: Last night we suffered a bizarre cat fight of some sort, nobody was there to see what actually took place only the aftermath, lots of black and white fur scattered across the staircase. As our cats are ginger and mottled brown the mess is so far unexplained though one of our cats seems to be suffering some post traumatic stress.

Not so good humoured: In other news I awoke to find that our country had just managed to royally fuck itself up by stupidly voting to leave Europe and so play straight into the hands of some of the worst politicians and scoundrels I've ever seen. This is not good and I am mightily pissed off in a way I've not been since September 14, if anything it's worse. I know there's a long game we can play here over Scottish independence but the victorious crowing of the Tories and UKIP right now is more than I can stand. Make no mistake these are truly twisted individuals who care nothing for the "common good" and who will exploit their new position(s) of power wholly for their own devious and hateful interests. They have no shame and no sense of decency and the fact that the British electorate has rewarded them in this way appals me. To add insult to injury Donald Trump just landed in Scotland. It's like some weird medieval invasion coupled with ongoing, endless torture. I'm headed for the sun.

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