Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Travelling man blues

When you get to the top avoid falling if at all possible.
In between the unexpected summer showers I took it upon myself to climb to great heights to repaint some of the blue bits and few of the white bits on the outside of the house. A big part of the numerous objectives here is not to fall from the ladder, particularly when the oil boiler service engineer is busy servicing. An important rule of any such imagined accident is to have as few witnesses as possible albeit they might be handy when it comes to informing the emergency services. Thankfully I made it back to earth just before another seasonal downpour soaked my clumsy work - so I adjourned indoors to sort out one of my travelling companions; the Chinese instrument of torture known as the Hofner Shorty. It was in need of a number of serious adjustments and sadly the usual YouTube advice was scant when it came to providing actual help. Mostly there was just simple criticism and a fair amount of rework and new parts, so some so-called experts suggested in their long drawn out broadcasts. The tiny guitar's action and intonation being the main problem. I knew that already.

An hour later having screwdrivered and fiddled with everything possible I decided I'd had enough and that venturing beyond the  12th fret in tune was not really possible if using current western musical scales. Everything in life is usually some kind of reasonable compromise so it'll do me for a few weeks and hopefully I can cram it into a reasonably sized suit case.

For some reason the bridge on this guitar is a complete pig of a thing, designed by idiots and then purchased blind by other idiots some of whom may be slightly musical.

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