Saturday, October 12, 2013

The way they were

From that now foreign, lost and alien Bizzaro Planet world known as the 1970s I give you Frank Zappa + cat + parents in a purple room and Grace Slick + baby China (upside down but unaffected) and her mum.  Be careful how you choose your heroes.


  1. In the background in the first photo is the original of the painting which subsequently graced the Alice Cooper Group's debut, "Pretties For You"...

  2. You are quite right and I wasn't aware of that, is it a Zappa original or some other's handiwork?

  3. It was painted by one Ed Beardsley and, as you can see, did once hang on the wall of the living room in Frank Zappa's house.

    Zappa's wife, Gail claims that it was later stolen from them.

    Notes from the net - At University of California, Riverside, Beardsley both taught as a member of the Studio Art faculty and was Dean of the Division of Fine Arts in the College of Humanities.

    In the 60s and 70s, Beardsley was also associated with the Southern California vanguard music scene.

    A close friend of Frank Zappa, one of Beardsley’s paintings was used as the debut album cover by Alice Cooper, a band that Zappa had signed with his Reprise Records label in 1968.

    While Ed has always been a painter, he understood the importance of establishing a major photography institution and he reached out to such photographers as Joe Deal and such interdisciplinary artists as James Turrell to help initiate the California Museum of Photography.

    Coincidentally, my chum Sid Smith, whom we hooked up with last weekend, is writing a biographical piece on Zappa at present for one of the major music mags and had spent a couple of hours the day before interviewing gail for background info - a rare event by all accounts...