Sunday, September 18, 2005

Arts festival over...

The South Queensferry Arts Festival 2005 is over as of this afternoon. I spent a (fairly) quiet afternoon in the Priory Arts Centre, chatting to visitors, tidying up, searching for keys, and playing selections of OOTB tracks from the “Out of Bounds” compilation to unsuspecting punters. Tracks that seemed to work best in the large and echoey space were:

Lindsay West – Newcastle
Meursault – A small stretch of land
Colin Donati – Klingons
Impossible Songs – Rainy Friday
Big Jim – I found love
The Clevelands – Miles of clear
Jill Hepburn – Groovy enough for two
Lisa Paton – Here come the Vampires
Lindsay Sudgen – My disgrace
CBQ – Very small
Norman Lamont – Anywhere but here.

Popular Artworks (based on my observations):

Alison Hutton – Evolution
Fiona Graham – numerous small and interesting pieces (wire & paper)
Mike Spring – Spanner Man
Carrie Thomas – Worlds

There were many events running throughout the week, film, music, walks, displays and exhibitions – I’m looking forward to next year. It will be bigger and better.

I enjoyed Saturday the 10th the best: Tommy Mackay, Norman Lamont and the Innocents and impossible songs played in an unusual evening of music and (short) art films. The mixed media idea is great – the films and our eclectic music and differing styles really worked well.

Songs we played were:

That’s my baby
All the vows
How I hate
I miss that boy
Happy like
Rainy Friday
She’s a waitress
Twin song

The hugely talented Nelson Wright (from Flowers for Algernon) joined us on djembe and the hugely prolific (songwriter & sound scapemeister) Norman Lamont played bass on a couple of songs. Dave O’Hara twiddled the knobs and made it sound good and did some early Christmas shopping.

Highlights? Tommy’s “Zoinks! a tenner”, easily the best first line of any song and of course the “Rock critic who swallowed McFly”. Norman’s “Callback/Fallback” and “Ballad of Bob Dylan”. Impossible songs? Well I like battering out “how I hate” and the wah wah on “Twin song” and Ali’s vocals on “I miss that boy” are pretty spine tingling. Next time who knows what?

Of course there would be no festival without the hard work and commitment of Gary Smith at Common Ground Arts (and the rest of the committee). Contact Gary at

Saturday, September 17, 2005

You were in the gallery

You were in the gallery

I brought you a cup of tea

In the SETI Institute thermal mug

Not many customers had turned up.

We are here today, brushing the leaves.

Sweeping the silence, that I still believe

You came home with cakes

And hot chicken and bran flakes.

Heating up food and cooling it down

Saturday rain, Sunday comes round.

We do family duties,

We love so far and wide

We plan our time

We delete all the cookies

Sniggering at the angels in the snow

Turning round to see how far to go.

I’ll be standing in the gallery

Will you bring warm coffee to me?

In the friendly mug of your choosing

Through this space that we are using.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Outside there is the sea and ground
There are lots of things that can be found
There is the sun and moon that make day and night
And big fat spiders that give me a fright
There are birds that fly in the sky
And chocolate and sweets and blueberry pies
There are animals that live on the ground
Doing what they do as the world spins round
Houses and farms as you’ll see
Bushes and very tall trees
There are boats and cars
That takes you quite far
Cats and dogs we keep as pets
And when they’re ill we take them to the vets.

By Olivia

(Probably inspired by the view across Fife and the River Forth, as seen from Inchgarvie House)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

my space

Impossible songs have opened up a small gold and butterfly mining operation on a tiny plot of cyber-land somewhere floating out on a miles away cloudy cyber-sea. We call it our little fluffy, toughy, cool and considerate, musical and mystical, heretical and political, fanatical and fantastic space.

As Jimi Hendrix once said “It’s very far away, takes about a half a day to get there, if we travel by my dragonfly, no it’s not in Spain, but just the same you know it’s a groovy name, and the wind’s just right…”

The space is

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Interesting places..

Interesting places where you sometimes find yourself #1

In this particular case a church in the lovely village of South Queensferry. This is where much of the South Queensferry Arts Festival will take place. All sorts of events are on offer, music, exhibitions, films, family activities; dance etc. has much more detail. It is likely most events will be free or pretty close. We’re on from 0730 on Saturday the 10th along with Norman L and Tommy M – the first ever SQ Songwriter’s Concert in the venue pictured above. The start of something…

Lots of (well a few) pubs, decent restaurants etc. A grand day out (if the weather’s fine).

So back to interesting places where you sometimes find yourself, churches, bus stops, in a queue at a supermarket, waiting on service in a bar, at the traffic lights, in the shower, standing beside a tree, tripping over a fallen bicycle, walking through leaves, Leith, the top of the Eiffel Tower, asleep in bed, asleep on a bench, Newton, the fast lane, in a shed, locked out, in fog, in a rowing boat, Disneyland, at a Todd Rundgren concert, staring into a CD player, at the waste bins, charity shop, OOTB, a drive-thru, under a conker tree, cat’s home, hospital, Pictish village, a stranger’s house, a tent, a duty free shop that isn’t one anymore, beside a pie van…zzzzzzz

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Impossible stuff - South Queensferry Arts

From the top : Birthday Balloon, Yellow , Alba Iron II, Alba Hardware 1.

These and more will be on view at the South Queensferry Arts Festival from 9th Sept.

For a full catalogue of "impossible stuff " please use the email/comment facility.

South Queensferry Arts Festival

Impossibles in the Dark - Photo by Big Jim.

Impossible Songs will be playing in the South Queensferry Arts Festival: Saturday 10th September at 7.30pm in St Mary’s Hall. It promises to be a good night of varied music and styles as also playing are Tommy Mackay and Norman Lamont & the Innocents. Three short films are included in the evening’s programme, art works will be on display and wine (hospitality?) is on tap. PA is by OOTB, hopefully manned by the ubiquitous David O’Hara.

The Arts Festival runs for a week and we are participating in this “songwriters concert” and in the Arts Exhibition at St Mary's. A number of our pieces will be exhibited and up for sale. More details to follow...

My kids think I look like this dog.

Some kind of an unkind pug of a dog of a beanie baby of a freak-show of a Chinese toy in a plastic bag with a plastic tag and a cold black nose and funny eyes and a tiny body and squashed in face that was in a Happy Meal of chicken strips, carrot pieces served with a vanilla shake and bought at the South Queensferry Drive-through on 3rd September at 1435 - and it looks like me they say...

Is this better than the Virgin Mary's image on toast? Jesus in a pizza crust? Winston Churchill in a maternity wing? John Lennon on the head of a pin? Gerry Garcia on a T-shirt? Or even the shadow of a street lamp on Mars?

The dog is called "Pug".