Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Interesting places..

Interesting places where you sometimes find yourself #1

In this particular case a church in the lovely village of South Queensferry. This is where much of the South Queensferry Arts Festival will take place. All sorts of events are on offer, music, exhibitions, films, family activities; dance etc. has much more detail. It is likely most events will be free or pretty close. We’re on from 0730 on Saturday the 10th along with Norman L and Tommy M – the first ever SQ Songwriter’s Concert in the venue pictured above. The start of something…

Lots of (well a few) pubs, decent restaurants etc. A grand day out (if the weather’s fine).

So back to interesting places where you sometimes find yourself, churches, bus stops, in a queue at a supermarket, waiting on service in a bar, at the traffic lights, in the shower, standing beside a tree, tripping over a fallen bicycle, walking through leaves, Leith, the top of the Eiffel Tower, asleep in bed, asleep on a bench, Newton, the fast lane, in a shed, locked out, in fog, in a rowing boat, Disneyland, at a Todd Rundgren concert, staring into a CD player, at the waste bins, charity shop, OOTB, a drive-thru, under a conker tree, cat’s home, hospital, Pictish village, a stranger’s house, a tent, a duty free shop that isn’t one anymore, beside a pie van…zzzzzzz

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  1. Right now I´m in an interesting place...Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria. I´m sure it has a website...why yes it

    See you soon