Thursday, June 17, 2004

Out of the Bedroom Night & Harry Potter

Going to OOTB - that's "Out of the Bedroom" - a regular open mike night tonight. Won't be playing tonight as I'm writing the review(s) for all the acts participating. OOTB is on every Thursday in the Waverley Bar in Edinburgh, near the world famous Royal Mile. Acts perform from 9 till 12 ish. For more info try , you'll find news, reviews, gig details, song clips and lots of other stuff there. Useful if you are a budding songwiter and visitors ( and we get them from all over) are welcome. Scotland isn't so bad a place, infact it's great.

It's also raining, had tuna rissoto, Ali's working late and I dreamt that the cat could say "Tiger" last night - no connection. Saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner from Cell Block H last night. Me, Ali, Erin and Guy. Ate lots of ice cream and really did enjoy the film.

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