Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Pictures of names and predestination.

Currently working on a mainly instrumental track that features a lot of slide guitar c/w a distortion effect played behind an acoustic strum/pick Dm Am7 Gm chord sequence with a Bb Gm7 middle . Track lasts about seven minutes, polishing it up just now. I'm using an old cheapy Strat for bits and an Ozark (cutaway) resonator with a lipstick pick up, it seems to be working. Best bit (?) is that at about 6 minutes into the track Ali recites this short extract from a longer poem (slight echo effect on vocal):

"We were there, together, somewhere in the haze,
Before the sky so upset the sea, and the hills laid waste,
Time simply didn't matter as perception scribes it's own calendar."

"But we knew each other then, forming, friends,
Gazing across undefined boundaries, reaching out.
I have a memory I've worked hard to find,
Deep in the dark of time left behind. "

This poem is old - well about 23 years and this fragment of it explores something of the idea of the predestinaion and pre-existence for all of us. Pre-existence in the thoughts and imagination of whatever thinks and imagines - got it?

The title was inspired by my then (1981) 3 year old son picking up an adult book and asking me what it was about. Not content to wait on an answer he answered himself. "I know" he said, "it's pictures of names!"

The moral of this story isn't really anything other than suggesting that it might be a good idea to listen to your kids. They do say the most profound and funny things. It may also be to say that you are a little older than you think...

This track (incidentally called pictures of names) hopefully will be out shortly via CD baby or the usual digital downloads.

Or if you can't be bothered with all that please contact us @ www.impossiblesongs.com which provides postal and other details - we'll sell you whatever we can.

You can also buy our stuff (hearburst only I think) via BURBS rockshop somewhere on line.

I'll get back..........

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