Wednesday, March 01, 2006

House + four other things

Check me out!


Light the fire without firelighters
Sticks and stones, pyramids, coal and wood
Burn all the evidence
Hide the story of the heist
Hide all the trails in vapour and in smoke
Years in which to live
Years to live out a dream, watching birds raise families
And never reaching such a quiet conclusion.

Altered states

In a constant state of rebellion with gods and men
But just sit here for long enough and the security light goes off.
Watch the stars and aeroplanes; track the changes in the sky
Just you and I
Sleep in a peaceful bed; sleep sound in a peaceful bed
And I’d eat you up with a spoon
As everything can now make sense between us
Fire and water runs between us
And no further explanations are necessary.

OOTB 201

Smoking cigars with Scott Renton and David O.
Our backs are sat, to the wall
And the performers have all gone home
And we reflect, on the marks we make upon this world
The performers have all gone home
But there is still a lot to do.


Listening to Beth Orton sing
On the your small stereo by Sony that I like
No bells or whistles just music in the dark, songs spreading
All across the house and out into the dark.
Sleeping animals hear the sounds
And puzzle over man’s mysterious habits if they puzzle at all.
I must visit the bottle bank.


Just think of how little your parents know about you
How you are perceived so inaccurately
With what you let them see
A frozen image of misunderstanding
Their relative testimony so fractured
And all far away from the truth about you,
I like to think I know the truth.

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