Sunday, May 09, 2010

Running out of time

Sweets for my sweet.

Sugar Rush: I was glad to eat some pork chops for tea after a day filled with various chocolate related food testing (apart from breakfast), most of which defied the laws of physics. The sweets however keep on piling up, fortunately our up and coming house party affair should see the stock diminish.

Earlier on it was football at East Fife, a 5k run at Hopetoun and me scouting for an interesting property to revitalise, a retirement project you may say - anybody got a spare £1m they'd like to share? You have to dream big, imagine, visualise, realise, acclimatise and as necessary rob a few banks. We're working on it.

Front elevation: Facing south, a lot of potential here. Garage space for the two Bentleys, the MX5, an auto giro and three Ducatis. Lovin' the laundry chute, family rooms and "longhouse culture" developing, the potential for grape cultivation and the extensive use of large Velux windows. A river also runs through it - accidentally.

End elevation: Some DDA issues to resolve but I'm quietly confident we can sort them out, my quad bike should also get through the doorway. Roadies please note the fairly easy hump for the 4x12s and the Transit sized door. Handy.

North side: Small, secluded courtyard and rooms with views of woodland, trees, stones, more woodland and a wall of some sort. Curtains and glazing strategy required.

Pending a favourable result on the financial markets, the bingo and a stable Euro tomorrow we're in business, I'll (almost) wager.

P.S. We awoke this morning to discover water that should be in the upstairs bathroom pipes dripping onto the downstairs dining room table - never the best start to a Sunday morning. It was also running down the light fitting, onto various papers and projects and soaking the period furniture in it's soggy wake. I took immediate action and headed out to the fair city of Methil for an urgently needed bacon roll and a polystyrene coffee. Oops!

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