Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Walter Kasper is wrong

Dear Walter the friendly ghost says that landing in Heathrow and visiting the UK is similar to experiencing life in a Third World Country. Wrong! It's more like landing in some Eastern European ex-Soviet State that is rusty from it's dimly lit core. Our economy is fucked (in certain key areas) and we are morally and spiritually bankrupt, led by lunatics and to make matters worse we persist on driving on the wrong side of our potholed roads.

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  1. He didn't mean the facilities at Heathrow, to which "third world" is a reasonable description. He meant that the guy who stamps your passport is a Sikh in a turban and the woman in security has ancestors that came from Africa.

    Actually the Pope landed at Edinburgh airport, which is quite pleasant and friendly. It's whiter in its personnel than Heathrow, so it was probably a bit less disconcerting for him. (I'm being mean about the Pope - after all it wasn't him who said such an offensive thing. He said other offensive things instead.)