Saturday, March 05, 2011

Edinburgh daily photo

The Arab revolution comes to Edinburgh making it's point with good natured noisy drums and dancing. In the margins a rag-tag group of unrelated political organisations take the opportunity to distribute their message; "everybody else is to blame for everything", which might be right some of the time but can't be right all of the time. The hot-dog sellers are glad of the extra business so no real losers.

In St Andrew's Square various odd photographs of fish and deep sea life are on display for no obvious reason. Puzzled members of the public try to make sense of it all and ponder over the mysteries of location, context and content. The coffee counter does some extra business...etc.

The watery March sun shines down upon the righteous shoppers, buskers and homeless people who gather to worship whatever spiritual consolation they find in these stony shrines and elegant open spaces. The spotty wardens control the errant traffic as the taxis stray and disobey lanes and lights, just as it should be. The afternoon runs away from us like a shadow so Ali and I retire down to Leith Walk and enjoy a light, unpronounceable snack in Valvona & Crolla away from hustle, bustle, protest and cardboard sea creatures. Then on to watch a Rom-Com at the Vue. Nice day out.

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