Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some things

I probably won't do those things,
I said I'd do some day,
Those crazy, silly, wacky things,
I lined up carefully.

I'll not see those places either,
Nor stand in that special spot,
I won't register that feeling,
I could, but I know I'll not.

I should've seen those people,
Or stood and watched that show,
But some other light was burning,
So I turned and didn't go.

I made a pact and broke it,
My principles and hopes,
They looked fine from a distance,
But faded out when right up close.

I'll travel by some other road,
More practical and straight.
I'll cut corners and miss details,
If I daydream I'll be late.

And late is what you cannot be,
For time's a precious gift,
Mine belongs to everyone but me,
And they control the list.

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