Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I don't know why it is that so many drivers, at speed, in the dark and in the rain, consider themselves to be indestructible. Is it some horrible, ageing, creepy thing I'm now feeling? That desire not to drive as fast as possible, despite the conditions and not to stay in the outside lane all the time. To be a bit later because it really makes no difference. To be wary of standing water and blinding spray and just to be sensible enough to know that it has to be best to take it easy when the weather and visibility are poor.  With increasing years comes maturity that gradually gives way to avoiding anything reckless and I guess it all slowly solidifies into a new kind fear. Not sure I'm liking this new experience.

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  1. I am there too. Leave plenty of space and try not to rush. I am always on the look out for nutters. Because they will pull out in front of you. They will drive the same speed regardless of conditions. They will attempt to see what you have in your back seat...I was on the outside lane of the bypass today doing 70 to get by traffic - plenty room. This guy comes up behind and normally I do pull over but he was so arrogant flashing his lights and I was doing 70. So he undertook me (fair enough there was room and he must have been in a hurry). I laughed when I pulled up beside him at the turn-off. All that haste and we get to the same place. meh he he heh...