Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sympathy for Easy Rider

I still have a very soft spot for the old movie Easy Rider, the second X-Rated film I ever saw at the cinema and one that formed up some of my most immature and rebellious attitudes creating a simple world view in my tiny mind. I still have the tiny mind. The first X I ever saw was Midnight Cowboy, it was titillating and funny but I didn't understand much of it. The bridge between age fifteen and sixteen seemed to be a huge gulf in those days, permissions were hard won. At sixteen you could smoke, see Xs, marry an actual woman, get a motorcycle licence and join the Army (well you could do that at fifteen), apart from marriage all these things were hot on my radar once I'd turned fourteen. The demon drink wasn't really tempting me either, how strange.

Everything then was about being old enough or being smart enough or brazen enough to sneak in or around whatever adult managed barrier there might be. It was an age based war of attrition and time would always be on my side or so I thought. I've gotten over all that now, though I was quite excited when I first graduated towards my free travel bus pass.

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