Sunday, July 22, 2018

End of the world

The wild and rugged coastline and cliff edges at Cape de Sao Vicente in Portugal, the end of Europe's main land and staring into the open mouth of the Atlantic. I made it there early enough, avoiding most of the crowds and self inflicted traffic jams across the cruel and primitive roads. Surfers, swimmers and curious tourists mix in a blustery hot spot and one way street. Get there, breath it in and get out. There are lost souls here, among the cafes and market stalls, the gravel tracks that lead out to 200' drops and steps that allow the families to struggle down to hidden beaches and mysterious caves. The wind never stops, the impetus of a long flight from the west pushes you back from the crags, everything comes from there and faces back and chills the soul ready for the inland heat that awaits. 

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