Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunshine on Leith...again

(These fish are nothing to do with anything)

Yes I know it’s pretty obvious title but that was what we all experienced today after a little early morning rain. OOTB invaded Leith Market for 6 hours of live and generally pretty good music. We gave out flyers for the forthcoming Leith gigs, sold CDs, chatted, hung out, ate big burgers, drank coffee and beer and all had a pretty good afternoon. We were on at 1230 before the market (never really busy) fully woke up. Our set was nice and noisy and (spiney tingly crystaly guitary sweepy uppy swoopy vocals) I’m sure woke up a few folks in the surrounding flats and apartments in the still air. The music seemed to bounce back from the surrounding buildings in a rather satisfying way. Impossible Song’s set list was:

That’s my baby
How I hate
Quiet Genius
Happy Like
I miss that boy

Also playing were (and listed in no particular order): Flowers for Algernon, Jill Hepburn, Tommy Mackay (mastermind behind the gig), Norman Lamont, Torpedo Buoy, Scott Renton, Fraser Drummond, Chris Brown, Steve Cox, Jeremy Kemp and Rosie Bell.

Lots of friends and fellow musos (CBQ, JJ, Big Jim, FS and more) all drifted along during the afternoon. I’d have pictures but my phone cam froze up for some reason after I took a pic of Steve (Spartacus) Cox. Some will no doubt follow from other sources.

Catch us next at the Left Bank, Guthrie Street, Tuesday 16th at 9 pm and then next Sunday (9pm also) at “Out of Bounds” Lamb’s House, Leith.

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