Sunday, August 07, 2005

Out of Bounds at Lamb's House

Out of the Bedroom's fun packed festival nights begin at Lamb's House, Burgess Street, Leith, Edinburgh (Pic above) 8.30 till late, 20th August till 26th. A wild mix of open mike and set performances, you'd be mad to miss it and it's only £3.00. The venue is just behind the Waterline Pub (Venue 237). More details at

A special 30 ish track CD is being released by OOTB featuring us (impossible songs), Tommy Mackay, Scott Renton, Norman Lamont, Big Jim, William Douglas, Flowers for Algernon, Andy Paterson, The, CBQ and many other OOTB favourites - £3.00.

And while on the subject of gigs we're back from holiday and playing at the "Left Bank" Guthrie Street, Edinburgh. Tuesday 9th & Tuesday 16th August - 9.00 pm onwards.

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