Monday, July 18, 2005

Final Guitar Twaddle for now...

The other guitars in my life are an Ibanez “Martin 1930” copy and a cheap jumbo Jim Deacon (with cutaway). I bought the Ibanez in 1982 and though the octaves are a little out I like it, the wider classical neck and the small hourglass body are all very tactile and comfortable so it’s snug and easily playable. I’ve written a lot of songs on this guitar. It did have a pick up on it at one time and I gigged it for a short while in the early eighties. It also spent time in Aberdeen as a student guitar in the late 90s, but I felt sorry for it and rescued it from potential destruction. The JD is a bit of a heap; ok for strumming and fiddling with and the electrics are reliable if nothing else. Played it a lot in the mid 90s when, to be honest I wasn’t all that bothered about guitars (or what I was playing on them!).

My Yamaha (top right) has only been around six weeks, I guess I’m still breaking it in but it does everything I want already. It’s up a Glen Esk in a cottage right now, I left it there at the weekend and I’m missing it already. I’ve used it three times for our shows at the Roxy and really enjoyed playing it. I think it does well in most departments. I’ve used it with a Morley Wah Wah pedal also which has been fun. It’ll be the main guitar I’ll use for our regular live stuff over the next few months. I’ll probably do some home recording with it in the autumn, for demos, fun and the like.

Lastly and without any current picture or contact, I have a 1964 Vox Teardrop (Bill Wyman) sunburst semi-acoustic bass. I acquired this from a friend around 1976 and played it regularly till about 1984. Eventually one of my sons fell heir to it and played it in various Fife and Aberdeen bands in the late 90s. Currently it’s in bits and needing some TLC, it’s probably in Banff. One pick up is badly cracked and the wiring is shot but the neck and body are ok. A project for some one.

Other guitars I’ve loved and lost: 1975 sunburst Telecaster (classic model), 1971 Shaftsbury Bass, 19?? Semi Acoustic (335 body) Epiphone (Rivolli type) bass, various crappy acoustics, one Yamaha FG?, a Harmony Sovereign twelve string, the Gold Top Antoria (1973?) and a black semi-acoustic whose details I cannot remember at all.


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