Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Roxy Still Rules

Impossible Songs @ the ROXY Thursday 14th July.

Impossible Snobs are back at the Roxy Art House this Thursday 14th July.

Two sets (perhaps) are required in a bag of worms and sandshoes production, more than less than usual will not be too much, or quite enough - thank you.

Also none other than Norman Lamont, Cloudland Blue Quartet and Mr James Jamieson, will be present and playing live. Music starts at 9.00 pm - Entry £3.00 at the door.

Spectacular soundscapes (from Mr NL), Wah pyrotechnics, natural reverb and echo, blissed out vocals and screaming anger, gardens, cranes and skylines, 80's idols and the First World War, searching for Bob, Nicolle and the hungry ghosts of the Southlands. Cats and domestic situations may be mentioned at times. Do not come if you are at all feeble minded, badly prepared or afraid of the effects of magnetism, otherwise all welcome!

Beer and TV on tap, daily newspapers and candlelight, fudge and strawberries and forgiveness for all: Before we take a short break while others gig on.

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