Friday, July 15, 2005

World's Longest Soundcheck

World’s longest soundcheck gets underway.

Had a lot of fun at the Roxy last night: Friends playing were the marvellous Norman Lamont doing both songs and soundscapes and the “Famous Blue Raincoat” Cohen cover.The articulate and polished works of Cloudland Blue Quarter (CBQ) and James Jamieson performing as a duo also featured. The Roxy manager, Linda recorded all our sets so we’ll have some pleasure and pain listening to our performances over again.

The evening began with the soundscapes and smoke, CBQ practising quite impressively before Norman started with the full works. Impossible Songs then did 35 minutes including “That’s my Baby”, “Dancing”, “How I Hate” and “Not Pretty”. CBQ and James followed. We did a further 25 minutes: “WIP”, “Happy Like” and “Twin Song”. CBQ and James again shining with “The Crocodile Song” and “King’s Country”(and a mystery guest introduced by Norman). Norman closed the evening with a shorter set than I’d have liked but included “Nicolle” and the sinister “Desert”.

The audience was sparse but we all had a good time, Ali was looking great in a new jacket and singing with a power and confidence that’s grown in the last few months. Now it's time for a holiday...

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