Sunday, July 03, 2005

Syrus, G8, Roxy.

G8 Live8 F8?

Mingled with the folks and wandered around the centre of Edinburgh after the G8 MPH march, prior to playing at St Andrews Church. Interesting to see the litter and (slight) devastation left by the protesters, discarded placards, water bottles, posters and trash every where, some of it spookily blowing along the empty streets on the Saturday evening breeze. I admire the protest and the protesters but I’d like a world without poverty and without thoughtless littering. Let’s join up our thinking a bit!

Enjoyed playing our short set in the church, quite a few people of all types there seeking a quiet time and some entertainment after the march. Did three songs, “Twin Song”, “Damage” and “Rainbow” all of which seemed to go down well. Unfortunately I dropped a small radio mike which decided to stop working thereafter and my guitar was a bit boomy on “Damage”. Ali sang like an angel and made a good little opening speech, being in church of course makes all the difference to the likes of us.

On the way out of St Andrews bumped into the sunburned and tired looking (but always interesting) Norman Lamont who had survived the march and was now grateful for a lift back to Queensferry.

Home in time to see the end of Live8, Sting was pretty good I thought but the reunited Pink Floyd were possibly the highlight of the whole thing for me. For once there appeared a decent level of emotion and bonding between them as they shared the same stage. Seeing them together and hearing their music brought back a lot of memories for me, their music has, quite unintentionally formed a large part of my life’s soundtrack. The last time I saw them live was in the Usher Hall in Edinburgh, I think in 1974; they did “Echoes” and all of “DsoM” as I recall.

Advert now: Impossible Songs: Appearing live at the Roxy Art House in July!

Friday July 8th at 9.00 PM - £3.00 – or free if you are already in at the theatre performance.

Acoustic/vocal soft rock for snobs and intellectuals, neo-new things, bright young things and spoonerisim lovers of all ages. The play list is a closely guarded secret and even if you saw it you wouldn’t understand any more than we do.

CDs may be up for sale along with fridge magnets, a single wah pedal may be heard behind vocals and walls of sound, wine and water shall be consumed, stuff will be strutted.

Phone the Roxy on 0871 750 0077 to book a sandwich and a deckchair.

2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh EH8 9SU.

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