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Border Crossing

impossible songs_border crossing

impossible songs

New CD on the way - track details as below:

Impossible Songs: Border Crossing.

Recorded March 2006 at Muffel Studios, Friedrichafen, Germany. Produced by Martin Freitag.

All songs written by John Barclay and Alison Hutton.

John Barclay – Guitars and vocals
Alison Hutton – Vocals
Martin Freitag – Bass, synths and drum programmes
Siggi Richter – Keyboards


Nobody Jones: Inspired by break-up, adultery, second hand misery, Brokeback Mountain and the passions that squeeze the lemons to the last of their juice. Thanks also to the legendary Edinburgh singer/songwriter Nobody Jones for the temporary use of his rather splendid stage name.

I Miss that Boy: The sad tale of what might have been and what could have been. All for a brief moment reflected in a half full wine glass and staring wistfully out to sea to try to catch a glimpse of the shimmering sight of Tir-na-nog appearing through the Celtic mist.

White and Red: Whatever you’ve got we’ll happily protest against it and attempt to stamp it out, we’ll criticise in our most constructive way with a clear voice and try hard not to follow your lead, though you may have a valid point or two.

Tragedy Queen: Written while singing sweetly down the phone, speeded up and slowed down and dedicated to queens of all sexes wherever you may be. If you think it’s getting better it probably is.

Time of your Life: When I was at school I was an adult in a child’s body, now I am grown I am a child in an adult’s body. The truth is whatever age you are you don’t have to take shit because they can’t break you. Sticks and stones and well aimed words, it’s your choice what you accept or believe.

Not Pretty: Too small, too tall, too quiet, too loud, too fat, too thin, when it’s not right it’s not always all wrong and wit and wisdom are far better and last longer than looks, but if your face is your fortune use the time you have wisely.

Hunter: In every social group a food chain exists, so if and when some hungry hunter comes after you it’s always better to have bolt hole or stronghold you can quickly retire to.

God Bless the Witch: They burn them, they love them, they lampoon them and then they canonise them and ship them on to Hollywood for processing. Good people do bad things, bad people do good things. Look up, smile and make your choice.

Old Enough: Forget about your memory, become a parent or grandparent, have senior moments, complain about shopping malls, prices and call centres, refuse to vote or vote for love, take a long bus journey or buy a motor cycle. Be good to yourself.

Rainbow: The sunniest place is right up close to the sun but still a little rain falls on everyone.

Thanks to: Martin, Heike, Siggi, Emma, Paul, Joseph, Olivia, Erin, Guy, Timothy, Emma (S), Taylor, Finlay, Jonathan, Gillian, Elijah, the OOTB Committee, Crispycat, Confushion and all the good and talented people on the Edinburgh Songwriter’s circuit.

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