Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moon Cake

The Moon Cake or possibly a Moon Cake recipe:

16 oz of desiccated moon
1 (American) cup of weird superfluous wax
miscellaneous candles in various shape sand sizes
love & varnish
the fabric of the universe
pearls from the deepest ocean or maybe Majorca
Junk/Charity shop sourcing
IKEA bottomless coffee
a large shiny metal circle

(a) Gather the ingredients together and burn slowly, then turn out the contents. Remain horizontal for a few hours and allow to set whilst reading some appropriate literature

(b) Live your life for a while rotating 180 degrees whenever possible - install HD TV services

(c) Furnish

(d) Using simple screwdriver and brush technique apply the uncredited varnish in a liberal coalition manner of speaking

(e) Have good idea

(f) Go back to (a) and get married if you forgot

(g) Check that the matches have all gone out and make a 4" hole in the wall at height

(optional: add some punctuation but don't look back)

(h) Get safely down from the step ladder without entangling the entire area

(i) Stare at and serve / or vice versa

That completes the process almost safely and in the comfort of your own home or elsewhere, however you are advised to carry out your own risk assessment, one at a time. Beware the uninitiated, the Moon may taste surprisingly good and you cannot give it up.

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