Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter Break

A bit of a chocolate disaster took place here.
Most of the Easter break was spent by getting a mixture of drenched one minute and nose and bald spot sunburn the next. The venue being Alton Towers, a theme park that, quite strangely has become better over the years. More rides, more of some other things and lots of other numerous minor improvements whatever they were. Clearly money has been spent on a few ideas that are new but other parts are tired and tarnished. Anyway there's always plenty of water either being dumped on you, squirting in your face or just landing in the way and sploshing you for no apparent reason: all in the name of a kind of weird pirate based theme. The UK's kids now face the future imagining pirates to be nice but ugly chaps who, armed only with water pistols ruled the seven seas ranting but never swearing and posing around like mental Jonny Depps of some sort. 

So much for our nation's history, Hitler could've written it that way.  I suppose made up shit is bound to be better than real shit, a bit like the Koran, the Bible or Detective Comics.  What I liked a lot was CBBC land, a great area of rolling AstroTurf and plastic sheds awash with crazy, blobby TV characters and scientists and marvellous soft balls that could be fired at any given stranger or small child using compressed air. Also the ability to start a shower of giant green peas from above, the peas being the size of cricket balls and highly dangerous. In this space apart from all the big rides many insane acts of neo-vandalism are performed and seemingly underwritten by the great Beeb's commercial arm. Good fun I'd say and great fun said the kids themselves.

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