Monday, April 06, 2015

Favourite Bridges No1.

Without a train.
With a train.

On the North side of the Forth Railway Bridge and just outside of Inverkeithing stands this massive old iron bridge that belongs to the same era as the world famous bridge itself. I've always liked this "big bridge's wee brother" as it gets on with carrying all of the same traffic but over a far less glamorous crossing - buses and cars bound for the Park and Ride mostly. Recently refurbished it still looks good to me.

Worthwhile dilemmas are probably not worth solving, if they remain as dilemmas then they are more useful (unless life threatening or likely to cause human or financial harm). That's a pretty stupid and trite thing to say you may say but just think about it and then think about what makes life really worthwhile and then take all these thoughts and just allow them to form up into a natural shit storm of a dilemma and then, as if boarding some roller coaster,  go with it and see where it takes you.  All these things are of course optional and to some extent unnecessary but some small dilemmas are worth having if only to funk up ever so slightly any given and otherwise dull day.

I'd also like to thank god in all his forms for today's weather, Marmite, Nandos, fat and icy Coke and geese flying overhead in a haphazard fashion. Thank you.

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