Monday, May 04, 2015

Fourth May be with us

For those living in caves or down by the centre of the earth some where, here's what weather looks like.
I completely failed to watch the Scottish leaders debate (due to exhaustion and to some extent apathy, things that will pass) last night and also failed to hold any preliminary Star Wars marathon viewings. Instead it was a rainy, stray cat feeding, mince and tatties night followed by three fairly harrowing episodes of the violent and crazy series Vikings. We're all the way to the epic season finale of Season 2 (when did "seasons" become such a thing anyway?) now and emotionally and physically exhausted by the experience. I also quite like the theme music and title sequence, the sex, drugs and ritual beheadings are nothing to do with my staying with it. Roll on the next batch, already on Netflix someplace.

During the night, the rain, as if irritated by Scottish politics, battered on the Velux window asking to get in so it might state it's opinions. I stirred and shuffled around like Ozzie in slippers for a few minutes. The world is a strange place at 3.30 and aches and pains and muddled thoughts rule and the scrapings of dreams hang over like torn pages out of books. By 3.35 I was back to sleep and blissfully unaware of anything beyond my battered senses or the happenings in some TV studio or on Twitter. Long may I live in that peaceful place.

An early blueprint of R2D2 apparently. 

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