Friday, May 08, 2015

Vote Steampunk

For some reason photographs like this fascinate me.
I'm glad the election is over. I can't say I'm happy about the overall result. I can't quite see where it will take us here in Scotland (but we've made our protest heard) and I'm shocked but not surprised at the electoral engineering the Tories have carried out in England to win. Their sneaky planning and cunning redrawing of boundaries and their tactics of fear and false promises has paid off; and we'll all be worse off ultimately. They hate us. All this at the strange expense of a number of useless and bloated career politicians getting the final boot and headed for a stint in Strictly Come Dancing or the couch on the  Andrew Marr show. Ed Balls will look a treat in sequins and Danny Alexander will naturally enjoy a cameo role in some new Muppet Movie. Nick Clegg will take over from Portillo as the slow train guru on BBC whatever and George Galloway will write a book based on his own imaginary life which will be self published on Kindle with a lurid cover depicting Saddam and Rula Lenska in a mud wrestling match. Vince Cable will join the cast of the Archers and Jim Murphy will keep his head down and his nose high playing the part of the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party. It's always sad to see when somebody just doesn't get it. There is life after politics but there's no politics after life. Next time I'm voting Steampunk in the hope of getting some kind of iron chancellor.


  1. How easy was it to get an MP elected last Thursday?
    How many votes = 1 MP?
    SNP 25,970
    UK Wide Conservative 34,240
    UK Wide Labour 40,280
    Lib Dem England 349,000
    Scottish Conservative 434,000
    Scottish Labour 707,100
    Greens 1.1 million
    UKIP 3.8 million
    Evidently life's a bitch...

    Boundary redrawing was vetoed by the Lib Dems btw

  2. Was it? Hmm, need to check my sources. Can't wait for the 2016 set of elections.