Sunday, October 11, 2015

High living

The infamous Red Road Flats were demolished today, about twenty minutes ago in fact. Twitter went into all sorts of iPhone powered Glaswegian convulsions as a result. It seems to have been a great spectator event. Now we have the regular and slow, stalling demolition of the ignominious non-listed buildings of Scotland, dust particle by dust particle accompanied by some Sunday afternoon bevvy. The end of an unloved  concrete and steel dream of living fairly close to the clouds in harmony with who knows what. Now houses are to be built, hopefully in more humane proportions by 3D printers, quickly and effectively. Replacements in decent design and in better, sustainable ideas abound, each with it's own whirling windmill and reflective panels set to dazzle the Russian bomber pilots whilst vacuum packing the householders against the hostile elements in triple glazed splendour.The snag is they'll still be occupied by our petulant and feeble human kind; and that's the ongoing problem. None of us fit in all that well when we crowd together in this green and pleasant land. Social housing but few social skills, little tolerance and always quick to take offence. Of course it's the government, education and the media to blame, eh?

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