Friday, December 18, 2015

American Friday

Well not really American, no pancakes and coffee, only mince pies and tea and rain. I did however listen to Grateful Dead's American Beauty at least four times, deliberately. Well it's either that or Radio Scotland's daily gibberish. It did get me thinking if there was/is such a thing as a ten track album with no bad tracks, nothing you'd skip or get bored with. Of course that in itself is a highly subjective judgement to make and while I can think of possible contenders it's not easy (obviously "best of" albums and compilations don't count) as even some of the so called classic albums carry at least a couple of also rans. American Beauty being a good example, firstly it is a seriously acquired taste and secondly it's patchy and just carelessly played here and there. I'm actually intrigued by just how much of the Dead's live stuff (not this album) is suspiciously out of tune for chunks of time and I'm not a person who generally picks that kind of thing up. I missed hearing that amount of detail back in the day, for some strange reason.

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