Sunday, December 20, 2015

More Wobbly Weather

The view this morning: blasted by a warm but wet west wind, thundering against the house and battering rain across the windows. Suddenly the sun appeared and we set about delivering Christmas cards and messages of world peace, existential warmth and the meaningful rebirth of a new style of Scottish politics across our small community. Generally all of this was well received and we came away with some sense of our house not being the most untidy and cluttered in the area. Always a good if only temporary feeling. Next there was a feast of eggy bread and burnt animal  followed by a trip up town for some sanitised stones to prevent me and the cats from accidentally pissing into wardrobes and plant pots. Not long after that I started drinking wine and eating overage chocolate, now everything is looking a bit wobbly once again. Best to stay away from Twitter and eBay then.

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