Saturday, January 09, 2016

End of the Superbugs?

I'm relieved to hear that common sense has in a way prevailed and "food experts" have agreed that black pudding is now a super food. Unfortunately red wine and all alcohol is once again very bad, pasta might now be OK (seems to be conditional as to how processed it is), full fat (blue) milk is good, the less treated it is the better and kale is, well good but tricky to serve up in an attractive way. Sauerkraut is helpful to the immune system but again yucky to eat, digest or even look at. Anyway none of this continually variable and baseless list of shoddy opinions and bad science will change my eating habits; a little bit of everything you like now and again etc. I'll do what I please until some super bug meets my non-super system and that'll be it.

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