Monday, January 25, 2016

Nothing personal

Available somewhere on Etsy.
If you were to criticize this blog (and that would hardly be difficult) an easy and accurate accusation to make would be that it's not personal enough. It's vague, woolly, full of fabrications, dull, lifeless, a vanity project, an obsession, unfunny and a complete waste of time. Fair enough. So to rectify this (the personal part) here are some truths:

Favourite food - rhubarb.
Favourite island - Galapagos
Favourite body posture - slouching.
Favourite font - New Times Roman Size 8.
Favourite item of clothing - cravat.
Favourite fabric - jute.
Favourite colour - duck egg green.
Favourite drink - coconut milk.
Favourite word - wobbly.
Favourite TV show - The One Show.
Favourite swimming pool - Burntisland Beacon.
Favourite shop - Lidl in Broxburn.
Favourite sound - sandpaper on wood.
Favourite day - Wednesday 
Favourite weather - foggy, dull and 11C with a 6 mph wind for N/W.
Favourite egg - brown size large.
Favourite toe - wee toe, right foot (on me but not everyone else).
Favourite stamp - First class large packet.
Favourite sand - builders'.
Favourite holiday - two weeks.
Favourite money - 20p piece.
Favourite band - The Pixies.
Favourite thought - stopping.

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