Friday, May 11, 2018

Centre of the Universe

You can't really blame previous civilizations for thinking that our world was at the centre of the universe, it's just bad maths, poor astronomy and some over active egos. Nothing unusual there. As a self confessed follower of daft ideas I'd have bought in, seems reasonable. Here's a drawing that some such believers did back in the day. Quite nice really if somewhat inaccurate. Had they actually been right I wonder how our self perception and actual politics and exploration strategies might have changed. We could be fairly confident that, here at the centre, on the hub planet there would be no other (off-world) civilizations to top us. The consequences of that idea filtering through might be significant, it would certainly help the Hebrew-like belief systems and republicanism in general. Then there would be the warlike battles and contests (constant and bloody) to be the one true master of this universe revolving around us. Nothing new there then. Stop the world etc.

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