Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Spy mode

There in the distance is the USNS Robert R Peary berthed at the MoD base next door to us (well a few miles away), photographed from the beach in the early morning light. She's a large logistical support (cargo) ship obviously visiting these parts for a short while. I did hear the hydraulic thunder of what I imagine to be her cargo hold covers' opening system yesterday but dismissed it as another weird sound coming up from the river on a still morning. Today I sauntered down to the shore an saw her tied up and loading cargo. What's she doing here? Probably engaged in some support work for the UK's new aircraft carrier as none of the UK's current supply ships can actually support it at the moment. That's down to the thumbnail size of today's RN and a direct consequence of some strange and stupid governmental decisions. Nothing new there then. 

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